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AI-driven approach to obtaining precise body measurements.Sign up for our monthly subscription and experience the ease of perfect tailoring at your fingertips.
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Our Top Features
Unique and Enhanced to Perfection
Customisable Adjustments
We understand that everyone's ideal fit is different. That's why Measure My Size allows you to make custom adjustments to your measurements, ensuring that every garment fits just the way you want it to.
Seamless API Integration
For businesses looking to enhance their measurement processes, Measure My Size offers robust APIs. These can be integrated seamlessly into your existing systems, allowing you to offer your customers a revolutionary fitting experience.
AI-Driven Accuracy
Say goodbye to the hassle of manual measurements. Measure My Size utilises advanced artificial intelligence to analyse your two photographs, providing you with 10 precise body measurements. This technology ensures a high level of accuracy, giving you the confidence that your clothes will fit perfectly.
Bespoke Subscription Plans
We offer tailor-made subscription plans to suit the unique needs of your business. Whether you are a small boutique or a large retail chain, our flexible plans are designed to fit your specific requirements.
Digital Body Avatar
Along with your measurements, receive a personalised digital body avatar. This feature helps you visualise how clothes will fit and look on your unique body shape, bringing the fitting room experience into the digital age.
Convenience and Simplicity
No more complicated measuring tapes or trips to the tailor. With just a few clicks from the comfort of your home, Measure My Size provides a seamless and straightforward approach to obtaining your perfect size.
About Us
About Measure My Size

Revolutionising the fashion industry, Measure My Size introduces an ingenious, user-friendly solution to determine precise body measurements. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence, this tool transforms the cumbersome process of measuring into a streamlined, fuss-free experience. Simply upload two photographs, and Measure My Size delivers an accurate set of 10 body measurements along with a digital body avatar.

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Unique and Enhanced to Perfection
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Embark on a journey towards flawless fitting with Measure My Size. Our service, designed for both individuals and businesses, offers a unique, AI-driven approach to obtaining precise body measurements. Sign up for our monthly subscription and experience the ease of perfect tailoring at your fingertips. Businesses, seize this opportunity to integrate innovative technology and transform your measurement processes. Sign up today and be part of the fashion revolution!
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